Internet Relay Chat (IRC) of My Own!

If you guys don’t know what Internet Relay Chat is, go to this link here, and read the definition. My breif description of it is a online chat, with tons of options, and a chat that is fully customizable. Their is a way on an IRC to have Operators, Admins, Moderators, Bots (Rules Enforcer), and Voiced Users. I created this chat with the provider GeekShed. I created this chat just so you guys could hang around and chat, or for you to go there if you need some tech help.


How to Join the Chat

To join go to this following link, and follow the instructions on that page:



In my chat, their are only a couple of rules. 

  • Don’t be immature or stupid.
  • Don’t ask for Moderator, or anything like that.
  • These cursewords are banned, but feel free for me to ban some more when I ban you by saying them. Notice I am not a stickler on this, meaning, you can say it in a sentence or statement, just don’t use cursewords over and over again, and don’t use them directed towards anybody, or while helping out another/answering someones question.
    Banned words: fuck(er,ing), dick, cock, bitch, nigger, porchmonkey, dildo, pussy, fagget, fag, and more.



What are ranks?
      Ranks are what you are, such as a regular member, admin, moderator, or voiced user. The only ranks that can actually be earned is the rank “voiced user”. Asking for any of the ranks besides this one will result in a warning, then kick, then ban. Admins are only handpicked. Moderators are only picked once I, or another admin see’s the person being active for awhile, helping out others, and not braking the rules.


Voiced Users

       A “voiced user” is a rank that you could earn. Voiced users are basically members in place of a user. When being a  “voiced user” you get certain rights such as more warnings before ban. A “voiced user” will have a plus (+) by their name.

Requirements to become a “Voiced User”.
      To become a Voiced Use you need to fit a couple requirements. Not because we don’t like you or because you may not be smart enough, but because this is a form of trust, and we all know trust isn’t given out freely.

You must:
Have your nickname registered.
Be talkitive in the chat and answer questions other people might have.
You must not be an offense to any bans, or more than one kick.
     Meaning you cannot have any bans, what so ever. And you must no have more than one kick of
     the same offense.
You must take a test that you will be linked to once you meet all other requirements.

What to do next to become a “Voiced User”.
      If you think you have met all the requirements listed above (make sure you have), type in exactly this into the chat:
An admin will then replay and say “Please hold on while we calculate the requirements, and see if they fit.” If you have met the requirements, that admin will tell you to join another channel, the command to join the channel is this:
/join #thechanneltheytellyou
Then from there, they will give you a small 5-10 question quiz, to see if you are familiar with the chat, and proof you have read this blog post.


About dahCarrot

I am a G!NG3R! xD I make videos for youtube, I make music that is on iTunes, and I play PS3 and A WHOLE LOT of MINECRAFT! x)

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